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Elbrich Batstra - CRHO YoungCapital (2023)

I can say with full conviction that the past 17 years that I have worked with Aukje is an absolute privilege.  Aukje is not only an expert in her field, but she also has an unparalleled level of dedication and commitment in everything she does. Her knowledge and experience are invaluable to every organization.

What really sets Aukje apart is her integrity and genuine interest in others. She listens carefully to ideas and concerns. Her honesty is refreshing and reassuring at the same time. She will always give you the honest story whether this is nice or not and she is always part of the solution. You want this level of trust in every collaboration, but certainly on the pension issue, which is complicated for many. Which brings me to another characteristic that always inspires me, Aukje's ability to make complex information accessible to everyone. She has the gift of presenting complex issues in an understandable way, making them manageable for everyone.

I am extremely grateful to have Aukje by my side to deal with the pension issue with a sober pragmatic approach every time. I wish every organization an Aukje!

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