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Pension advice

Tailored advice for employers, WC members and DGA's

In accordance with the rules of the Financial Supervision Act, Pensioenhart provides a pragmatic insight into the possibilities and consequences of a pension scheme. Scroll down to see the working method.

The employees are informed about the pension scheme by means of leaflets, presentations or 1 on 1 conversations.

The employer determines to what extent Pensioenhart is involved in managing the pension scheme.

Works Council members are supported to familiarize themselves with the pension matter. So that they can represent teh employees well.

The DGA is guided in the many options that are available.

Working method setting up pension scheme



- Consequences of objectives

- Determine options and priorities

- Concept new scheme

- Inform Works Council (WC)



- Introduce new pension scheme

- Current vs. new pension accrual

- Marketing research

- Check quotes

- Choice performer

- Ask WC for approval

- Request quote, have it signed and sent to the executor

- Legal documents

- Communication employees



- Check portals

- Communication employees

- Finance

- Settle current pension scheme

- Collective value transfer



Assisting the company in managing the pension scheme.



- Introduction

- Make an inventory of the pension scheme

- Industry pension fund (bpf) check

- Collective labor agreement (CAO) check

- Financial check

- Inventarisation knowledge and experience

- Objectives

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