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Need extra hands?

Employers but also consultancy firms can hire Pensioenhart. This can be ad hoc but also on a structural basis. I have all the relevant certifications  and can therefore provide both pension advice as well as disability advice. So you can turn to Pensioenhart for everything that has to do with retirement or disability.

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Employers & Consultancies


Employers encounter all kinds of pension issues. Sometimes time or expertise to deal with such an issue is missing. In that case, you can contract Pensioenhart for a certain period of time - a number of hours per week or per month or for an ad hoc assignment.

What can Pensioenhart help you with? A selection of options!


1. The new pension act (Pensioenakkoord) is imminent.

  • Would you like to know what the pension agreement means for your organization?

  • Would you like a second opinion on the advice of your advisor?

  • Do you want help implementing the new scheme?


2. An (HR) employee is (temporarily) absent and personnel data updates must be made in the pension administration.


3. You want to check whether the pension deductions on the salary slips have been processed correctly.


4. The employee handbook needs to be updated. You want the right texts for the pension and/or disability schemes.


5. You want animation videos to inform employees about a pension topic.


6. The contract for the disability and/or pension scheme is coming to an end. You want guidance to properly deliver this process to the company's advisor.



Pensioenhart can be contracted by consultancy firms. Pensioenhart is certified and can give pension advice and also advice in the field of care and income.


A consultancy firm can hire Pensioenhart for a certain period – for example for an internal project or seconded to a client.

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